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Miller Legal Strategic Planning Centers, P.A.

Serving Minnesota and South Dakota

Miller Law Offices, P.A. was established in 1996, with a name change in 2004 to MILLER LEGAL STRATEGIC PLANNING CENTERS, P.A. Our goal is to empower the individual and family by informing them as to specific estate planning services and asset protection strategies available under the law. To that end, Miller Legal Strategic Planning Centers, P.A. provides estate planning, farm & business succession planning, asset protection tools, medical assistance planning, probate, guardianship and conservatorship and other client services. We also provide credited continuing education courses for social workers, financial advisors and accountants. We have many satisfied customers across Greater Minnesota and South Dakota.

Our pledge is to treat each client with respect in a timely and caring manner. Satisfied clients are the life's blood of any business. At Miller Legal Strategic Planning Centers, P.A., we insist on a job well done, every time. We do not sell insurance; annuities, investments or retirement plans of any kind. However we will use these tools in a collaborative environment to create an estate plan that will work for each client's individual goals. All client information is personal and confidential. We will work with you, your personal accountant, financial planner or other professional service provider to maximize the thoroughness of your estate plan. In the process of developing estate objectives or asset preservation plans, we guarantee confidentiality and the total commitment of our Estate Planning Team.

Mission Statement

Our mission / vision at the Firm is to guide farmers, business owners, and committed clients to identify and reach their family goals by creating a customized wealth preservation, business and transition plan that incorporates complex estate planning and tax saving strategies, while protecting relationships and minimizing conflict.